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The premise

Studio 081 is my boutique graphic and web design studio in Montenegro. We do a lot of graphic design, print, branding, web design and development, social media management and 2D animation. The same way a plumber’s pipes are never perfectly done, so is the designer’s website or portfolio. If our website isn’t an exemplary work, than what are we even doing with web design and development after all?

The problems

I’ve analysed the existing website for a long time and it’s come to my attention that we have a list of problems to solve:

  • It’s not pretty – it’s boring
  • We don’t get enough organic visitors
  • People are not spending much time on it
  • It’s not converting to leads
  • There isn’t enough time and resources to dedicate to creating the new website

In order to fix these, I had to sit through hours and hours of planning, sketching and thinking. The last one – the lack of time to dedicate to fixing the issues was the hardest one to go through.

The results

New look & feel for the website really brought us to an another level in the game. We are now elegant, minimal, aiming for the top tier clients who share the same values. Along with the redesign, all of the texts have been rewritten with our ideal customer in mind. We’ve been mentioned twice in the Elementor blog and showcase:
12 Standout Examples of Web Design Portfolios & Honorable mention for the Website of the year 2020 – Transformations

My role

Web design and front-end development through WordPress, copywriting.

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